The trail running event, Skyrunner type, and named “Rosetta International Skyrace – Memorial Piganzoli e Ferroni” will take place Sunday 1st September 2019 with start and finish in Rasura (Val Gerola).

The organiser is Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Sport Race Valtellina.

• Race participation is open to everyone over 18 years of age, who is a FISKY or CSEN member, or has a valid medical certificate for competitive activity - issued by a sports medicine centre.
• Athletes must follow the marked route carefully, or risk being disqualified. Athletes must also carry with them a long sleeved windproof jacket and wear appropriate sports shoes for trail/running.
• Use of walking poles is optional.
• All athletes must follow FISKY regulations, regardless of membership.
• The route will be indicated with coloured markings and ribbons on crossings.
• There will be km information signposts along the route.
• There will be fixed control points and health service will be present at some of these.
• There will be refreshment points along the route, with mineral salts, water, etc.
• The maximum time in which to complete the race is 5.00 hours.
• The competition can only be abandoned at one of the control points, by communicating abandonment and handing in the race bib to control personnel.
• There is a gate at the location Gaspar (2.50 hours). Athletes that reach this gate outside of the allocated time will terminate their race, hand in the race bib to control personnel and return to the finish with an event manager.
• There is a penalty for missed communication of athletes in difficulty at control points. There is also a penalty for athletes who throw bottles and plastic cups outside of the designated area at refreshment points.
• The designated mountain guide will decide, in case of adverse weather, to reduce the race route (alternative route) or cancel the race of the conditions are too bad.
• In such an event, athletes should hand in the race bib at control personnel and return to the start/finish area.
• If an athlete chooses to continue the race in these conditions, the organization declines all responsibility for events that could occur.
• For points not discussed here, please refer to the FISKY/ISF regulation.
• To ensure a pleasant event for all, we ask for maximum collaboration on behalf of the athletes in respecting the rules and regulations outlined.

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cell. 331 5785311
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Fax 0342 611633